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Sales of dill oil

Nowadays it is hard to imagine our cuisine without dill. Dill (Anethum graveolens L.) is an annual plant. It has a rod root, its leaves are finely divided, stalk as well as its leaves is smooth, and grows up to 1,5 m height. Yellow or white small flowers are collected in specific umbels.

Dill was found in the Mediterranean. The name “fennel” (Anethum) originated from Greek, and its pleasant smell was appreciated by the Persians and Egyptians, so in the 10th century Russian people started cultivating it.

Dill seeds contain dill oil prominent for its strong specific smell, consisting of a mixture of various terpins, flavonoids, carotin, phytoncides, vitamin C, fatty oil. The latter contains linoleic, oleic, palmitic and other acids, microelements, sugar and cellulose.

Dill oil is a colourless or slightly yellowish liquid with a grass-like spicy smell. Its basic component is carvone which takes up to 50 %, followed by phellandrene with 20–30 % and limonene (15–20 %). Fennel oil is applied in food industry, confectionery, alcoholic beverage industry and perfumery.

Both grass and seeds of dills possess medicative properties.

Dill possesses antispasmodic, vasodilating, hypotensive, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, cardiotonic, sedative, expectorant, cholagogic, carminative, laxative and reparative properties. Dill oil is applied for allergy treatment. Due to the high content of ascorbic acid, carotin and iron dill leaves are used for hypochromic anemias.

Herbal potion of fruits has a calming effect on central nervous system, relieves of nervous tension and helps to fall asleep. Doctors noticed that dill stimulates work of a fatigued heart, increases blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, so dill herbal potion is recommended for hypertension treatment.

Dill is used externally as eye lotion against overfatigue of eyes, and also as treatment for various skin diseases.

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