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Coriander oil

Sales of coriander oil

Today “Agrofirm ‘Region’” LLC is a dynamically developing Russian company specializing on production and sales of coriander oil and its seeds.

We offer:

The company’s stable development and its reputation promote to long-term cooperation with our partners under mutually advantageous conditions.

Coriander is an extremely popular product our company offers.

Coriander oil (or Chinese parsley) is extracted from Coriandrum sativum, an annual herb of the Apiaceae family. The plant appeared in Morocco first. It may reach 1 meter height. Its leaves are usually fine, sparse and feather-like. Flowers are either white or pink, while seeds are green.

The ancient Egyptians used coriander seeds as aphrodisiac while the population of ancient Greece and Rome flavored wine with it. Nowadays its green leaves are also used in cooking, for example as garnish and seeds are good spices.


Chemical composition of coriander oil

Oil of coriander contains over 20 components, among them there are different spirits (linalool (65–75 %) geraniol (3–5 %), geranyl acetate (up to 5 %), borneol (1–4 %), their acetic ethers and aldehydes and terpens. The basic component of coriander oil is linalool. The blossoming plant contains the oil consisting of decyl aldehydes. In the process of producing the maintenance of aldehydes decreases almost before their full disappearance while the quantity of linalool increases. Linalool serves as raw materials for getting citral used as a treatment for keratitis and conjunctivitis.

There are also lots of vitamins in coriander oil such as vitamins A, K, B6 and C.

Essence is received from fruits of coriander by distillation with water steam. Oil is a colourless or slightly yellowish liquid with a prominent fragrance and taste, caused by the presence of 65–75 % linalool.


Pharmaceutical use of coriander oil

Oil of coriander possesses lots of calcium, folic acid, iron, phosphor, zinc, magnesium and anti-oxidants which explains its abilities to cope with migraine and nervous weakness, mental fatigue, tension and make pain less. It destroys fluid wastes and toxins. Coriander oil’s anti-inflammatory properties is a reason for its use against arthritis pain and rheumatism. Oil of coriander copes even with colds and influenza.

Coriander’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial abilities prevent infections from wounds.