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Wholesale of fennel and other essential oil

Essential oil
is odorous substance which is produced by fines herbes and causes their specific smell. Synthesis of essential oil occurs in special cells of various parts of plants. Essential oils are multicomponent mixtures of organic compounds, mainly terpens and their oxygen derivatives such as spirits, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, etc. (in some cases one or several components prevail). For example, main component of oil of fennel is anethole (50–60 %), followed by fenchone, ketone, pinene and dipentene.

Unlike vegetable oil, essential oils are mostly volatile. Their density, as a rule, is less than 1. They are almost insoluble in water.

Essential oils have been known since ancient times. They were applied for hookah, as cosmetic and medical products and for embalming.

Essential oils are used in different spheres of life:


Flora of plants used to produce essential oil includes more than 3000 kinds of plants but only 150–200 of them are used in industry.

Oil of fennel refers to one of the most popular kinds of essential oils. Fennel oil is produced from seeds of fennel, biannual or long-term grassy plant. A stalk is upright, round, with hardly noticeable grooves and bluish touch, slightly ridge, smooth, branching, with bluish touch, of 2 m height. Leaves are glaucescent and feathery. Flowers are small, with yellow petals.

Fruits of fennel contain the fennel oil consisting of anethole, fenchone, pinene, camphene, phellandrene and other terpens, and also fatty oil which in its turn includes oleic, linolenic, stearic and palmitic acids. Vitamins and traces of anisic acid, anisic ketone and aldehyde also are found there.

Fennel oil is good for the digestive system and has choleretic, antispasmodic, antibacterial (due to vitamin C) and diuretic action. It also regulates motor activity of intestines, render some effect. Besides, fennel oil soothes central nervous system.

Fennel oil possesses anti-inflammatory, vasodilating, laxative, sedative, expectorant and anticonvulsive effect. It is also used to improve appetite.

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